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Summary Creates a statistics summary report of subversion repositories.
Category analysis
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) cyrus1313


Subvstats is an opensource project (distributed under the GNU GPL licence), which creates basic statistics for a subversion repository.

Subvstats generates a simple HTML report with the statistics of a subversion repository.

The project's target is to create an environment with extended reporting capabilities, which will be simple to use and won't require any additional subversion server components to be installed.

This project uses the ExecCommander set of classes written by Doron Barak, the JDOM and log4j libraries.



  • 15/Feb/2009: Version 0.14 has been released.
  • 10/Nov/2008: Version 0.13 has been released.
  • 1/Mar/2008: Version 0.12 has been released an a new user manual has been developed. Please look under the Documents & Files Section.